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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Faith experiences bring personal touch to family educator role

Despite family tragedy, Anne-Marie Julian’s faith is helping her unite families with their parish community as the new family educator at McAuley Primary School in Rose Bay.

Q and A with Fr Flader: Conditions for indulgences

For many years I have been saying the “prayer before a crucifix” to gain a plenary indulgence, observing the usual conditions, but someone recently told me that this indulgence is no longer recognised by the church. Is this true?  

Last train out of Sydney…how I found the Catholic faith

'Turn on, tune-in and drop out' they said in the 60s. James Orrock tried that - but still found himself searching A long, long time ago...

New resources guide parents towards First Holy Communion day

An exciting set of new multi-media resources have been launched to help parents as they prepare their children to receive their First Holy Communion,...

Melto D’Moronoyo: Unique tradition gives life

By Ann-Marie Boumerhe Born into a devout Maronite family from a picturesque coastal village near the bay of Jounieh, Lebanon, my mother was a dedicated...

Paul Catalanotto: Real love may sometimes have to be very direct

Recently, Joe Cervantes, a Democratic Senator of New Mexico, posted on social media that his Bishop denied him Communion because of his political party. Interestingly,...

Simcha Fisher: Glitz, glam and Holy Communion

So there I was, scrolling through Amazon to find a dress suitable for my daughter to receive the body and blood of Christ in. Because...

Simcha Fisher: In defence of communion rails

Stay with me here, there's something to be said for them I was talking to a fellow who works as a missioner with the Maryknolls...

Churches in Europe open with restrictions

Different plans for each country, but some common rules apply as people return to Mass.

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Blessed Imelda died of love

"A friend, whose daughter is going to make her first Communion told me that she is praying to Blessed Imelda Lambertini, the patron saint...
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