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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Catholic bioethicists call for legal protections for aborted children born alive

A proposed bill would require a child born alive after an abortion to be given the same medical treatment or palliative care as a newborn

Dr Bernadette Tobin: Legalise Euthanasia: watch it break out

To legalise so-called voluntary assisted dying is to legalise a practice that predictably and inevitably expands. There is plenty of evidence of bracket creep...

Expansion of euthanasia: it’s inevitable

Evidence already in Australia and overseas shows that once assisted suicide and euthanasia is legalised, bracket creep follows, warns Dr Bernadette Tobin.

Fight NSW dying law: former PM

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged Catholics to write to their local state MPs, warning proposed euthanasia laws in NSW would fundamentally undermine...

Ethics for Australian healthcare in the midst of a pandemic

There are some wonderful resources we can draw upon in this difficult time. Here are two, one recent (from Pope Francis, yesterday), the other...

New life for St John’s College

The establishment of a new governing council completes a process to revitalise St John’s College at Sydney University.
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