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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Manila bishop contracts COVID-19

The Philippines' most prominent prelate is in self-isolation though seems to be asymptomatic.

Horror month as COVID strikes Sisters

A US religious community is left severely traumatised after suffering multiple shock deaths in weeks.

US governor calls for prayer and fasting

Catholic politician invites an entire US state to take up spiritual practice amid COVID-19.

Pope backs global ceasefire resolution

Implementation of UN resolution would be "courageous" By Courtney Mares Pope Francis applauded the United Nations Security Council on Sunday for its recent resolution calling for...

St. Ursula’s dinner

The school community at St Ursula’s College at Kingsgrove take their motto – 'SERVIAM', meaning 'I Will Serve' – very seriously. So much so they...

Homeless at home

Charity begins at home has been given a whole new meaning for students across the archdiocese. The Family Educator Team have thrown their support behind raising...

The Bright Side of Lockdown

Amy Hurley is a Year 3 teachers at Rose Bay's McAuley Catholic Primary School. Ordinarily, Year 3 is a huge and eventful year for the...

Cyclone devastated Bangladesh receives aid from Caritas

Caritas International has been at the forefront of responding to a growing humanitarian challenge in Bangladesh after a destructive tropical storm hit the country...

Straight from the top

Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director Tony Farley appeared on Facebook Live on Friday 22 May in a video that reached over 19 thousand people...

Finding joy in a crisis

Life is less cluttered. It’s slower-paced. We have more time for one another. This was the consensus during a family dinner conversation last week. I...

Giving the gift of gratitude

“Never worry about anything; but tell God all your desires of every kind in prayer and petition shot through with gratitude.” The message of Philippians...

St Peter’s Basilica reopens to the public

The faithful and tourists are returning amid strict health measures and constant cleaning.
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