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Is divorce contagion really a thing?

The no-fault divorce introduced in Australia in 1975 quickly morphed from a well-intentioned policy into a toxic and highly contagious force. But we can also use the power of social contagion to strengthen our marriages.

Jo Hayes: He may be divorced, but he’s still married

There exists, in parts of our wider church community, an almost blasé attitude to pre-annulment dating, that looks far too similar to the world’s approach to romantic relationships.

‘Bootcamp’ graduates rediscover their marriage mojo

Developed by Alpha International in 1996, The Marriage Course has been run in more than over 117 countries for more than 1.5 million couples. 15 Sydney couples celebrated the completion of its seven-week marriage ‘bootcamp’.

A millennium of loving marriage

More than a thousand families and friends celebrated the significant anniversaries of 60 couples at St Mary’s Cathedral on 22 October—over 1000 total years of marriage!

Approaching those hard conversations with love

“Honey, we need to talk!” Every spouse knows that what follows will be an uncomfortable conversation—one that will likely be bruising if not outright hurtful.

Love and loyalty are the secret to a life-long marriage, say...

Juli Joyce and Greg Smith met at a meeting of the Dismas Club at the then-St Joseph’s Orphanage at Lane Cove in May 1972....

Francine and Byron Pirola: The Power of Why

Our three-year-old granddaughter has entered the ‘why’ stage. Parents everywhere know exactly what this is… the endless rounds of ‘but why?’ dialogue. Sometimes, she just...

Love and marriage on the World Youth Day trail

Three couples renewed their vows at the Wedding Church at modern-day Cana, and two pilgrims were engaged in Paris

God took the reins and has held them ever since

They met at a time when you didn’t have to swipe left to find Mr Right. Technology had no hand in romance, Tinder was a material suitable for starting a fire and Bumble was a type of bee.

Q and A with Fr Flader: Will priestly celibacy become optional?

Dear Father, I read recently that Pope Francis has said that the church could consider having married priests. Is this true, and is he likely to abandon the requirement of celibacy for priests in the Catholic Church?

New York speakers to lead marriage renewal retreat and course in...

Teenage sweethearts Chris and Linda Padgett, married for 32 years, know a few things about helping every married couple to thrive, not just survive. The New York-based speakers, authors and founders of the Centre for Holy Marriage are passionate about sharing insights from their ministry when Mr Padgett visits Sydney parishes in May.

Vocations all in the family

Christine and Bernie French have always seen their marriage as a vocation, but the fruits of that marriage are more than they could have...
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