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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP to deliver Rabbi Apple interfaith address

On 27 June, Archbishop Fisher will deliver an address at the Great Synagogue honouring Dr Raymond Apple, who passed away in January this year.

George Weigel: The re-emergence of the grave sin of Jew hatred

For Christians to engage in any form of antisemitism is to add further blows to the smitten back of Christ, says George Weigel.

Landmark HSC study day brings Catholic-Jewish dialogue alive

In a landmark step forward for Catholic-Jewish relations, a group of Jewish educators in Sydney have led over 150 HSC students from 19 Sydney...

Why the Catholic Church does not seek to ‘convert’ Jews

In two CW articles (5,12/3/23), Fr John Flader writes about the conversion of Jews to Christianity in such a way as to give the impression that the Catholic Church advocates missionary activity towards Jews, and that Jews need to embrace Jesus to be saved. This impression is wrong on both counts.

Jewish-Catholic goodwill reaffirmed

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has released a new statement on Catholic-Jewish relations, to address the resurgence in antisemitic attitudes and reinforce the significant steps forward between the faiths since the Second Vatican Council.
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