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EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal George Pell – A Timeless Faith

Catholics, like all Christians, are monotheists who believe in the one true God, Creator of heaven and earth; of our small miraculous world, unique...

Truth, what is that? Lessons for the media from Pell trial

Truth? What is that? Archbishop Fisher commends Gerard Henderson for putting on the record the facts of the Cardinal Pell pile-on

Cardinal Pell: we need more clarity on goals of synodality

The Cardinal spoke about synodality, China, Vatican finances and the Latin Mass in a wide-ranging interview with The Spectator

Monica Doumit: An ever pastoral shepherd

Earlier this week I was invited to join Father Frank Brennan SJ and Gerard Henderson at the Sydney Institute to discuss the upcoming two-year anniversary of Cardinal George Pell’s unanimous acquittal by the High Court in Australia.

A home away from home

Ten years to the day Pope Benedict XVI blessed and opened Domus Australia in Rome, Cardinal Pell celebrated Mass there to mark the milestone.

The Fifth Charge against Cardinal George Pell

The main incident alleged in the Pell proceedings gave rise to four charges. I should say a word about the fifth charge which was...

The sting operation that came apart

Victoria’s policing and criminal justice systems erred so seriously in relation to Cardinal George Pell that it shows that not even victims of abuse...

Prison Journal, Volume 2 Book Review: Televangelists, Christ’s Passion and solitary...

Prison Journal, Volume 2 – The State Court Rejects the Appeal, George Cardinal Pell, San Francisco: Ignatius Press in conjunction with Freedom Publishing, 319...

Monica Doumit: The true price paid by the innocent

Those highlighting the cost of Cardinal Pell’s defence are not giving the public the context or the whole truth about what he was up...

George Pell: the persecution of an innocent man

The cover photograph of Windschuttle’s book is memorable: it is of Cardinal Pell in handcuffs on his way to attend a hearing in the Victorian Court of Appeal on 5 June 2019
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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement on the need to protect faith...

A statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP For the past two years society has been stopped in time. We...

PM pushed 3-parent IVF