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Angel Studios ascends to new heights with moving Mother Cabrini biopic

Mother Francesca Cabrini’s miraculous story is brought to life through compelling visuals, award-worthy performances and an authentic script that gets to the heart of the saint's mission of hope.

The Chosen Season 4 sets a darker tone as the Passion...

We left The Chosen at the end of season three with the feeding of the five thousand and Christ walking on water. Now as season four begins, the hit biblical drama has taken a darker turn, with burgeoning danger and the cross on the distant horizon.

A hard-hitting Sound of Freedom breaks the silence on child trafficking

When it comes to facing confronting issues at a global scale, it's easy for a sense of helplessness to develop into willful ignorance. No matter what facts we learn, we still feel that the big picture is out of reach, or a battle meant for someone else to fight, and we turn away.
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