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George Weigel: All Saints, All Souls and the Synod lexicon

By their vocabulary, you shall know them? Well, to a considerable degree. And in these early November days, when the church celebrates all the saints in glory and prays for those who yearn to join them in the Father’s house, it’s instructive to ponder the vocabulary that dominated the just-completed first assembly of the Synod on Synodality for a “Synodal Church of Communion, Participation, and Mission.”

Honouring lost loves ones in November

By Sonia Reilly The children at Mater Dei Primary in Blakehurst have been dedicating the month of November to those souls in heaven. Pope Francis Awards...

Honouring lost loved ones during November

A bereavement support initiative of Bridget Sakr, whose young daughter Veronique was killed along with three cousins by a car in 2020, will be...

Philippa Martyr: Remember those in Purgatory

Remembering the living dead I love November, and not just because my students have gone off to do their exams. November has always had special...

Not dead but alive: All Souls and All Saints

The Catholic Church is far bigger than people realise, because two-thirds of it is invisible to us.

Halloween: is nothing safe from the PC thought police?

Read the ABC’s guidelines on its webpage Life about what to wear and what not to wear on Halloween and the comments by the...
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