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Simcha Fisher: This Is Not the Year

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Are you suffering from liturgically awkward timing of festive cheer, gaudy lights, and cheesy hymns? This Advent – just for 2020 – here’s a song to help you let it go.

A 2020 Advent song for people with good taste

As I walked out one evening
In the dark December air,
I saw my neighbours hanging lights
On trees and everywhere.
My first thought was to chide them
Because Advent’s barely here
But a passing angel thwapped my head
And whispered in my ear:

This is not the year, pal,
This is not the year.
We need more light
To feel all right,
So this is not the year.

I stepped inside the chapel
For to visit with my Lord.
The choir was a-practicing
Some music I abhorred.
My lips began to grimace
And my nostrils flared in dread,
But my heart squeaked out a counterclaim,
And this is what it said:

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This is not the year, friend,
This is not the year.
If cheesy songs
Can right some wrongs,
Then this is not the year.

Some other day, be fussy, lads;
Some other time, be right.
Aes-thet-i-cal-ly pleasing
And li-tur-gi-cal-ly tight.
But this year was so awful,
If you feel the urge to sneer,
Just cork your cry hole, critics,
Because this is not the year.

This is not the year, friends,
This is not the year.
Whatever works.
Let’s not be jerks.
Please, this is not the year.

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