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Prayers, wishes for HSC students

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Today 19,140 Catholic school students including 4665 from Sydney Catholic Schools begin their NSW Higher School Certificate exam period.

Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) said that from a total cohort of almost 77,000 senior students across the state approximately one in four NSW students who will take part in at least one HSC exam is from a Catholic school.

CSNSW Chief Executive Officer Dallas McInerney  joined a chorus of well-wishers for the Year 12 graduates tackling the final three-week hurdle in their school careers.

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“It’s a significant time for these students, but also for their families and their teachers – all of whom have played a substantial role in their journey to this point,” he said.

“We pray that they all get through this period without too much stress.”

His advice for students is that “It’s important to remember that the HSC is merely one benchmark in a still-early life; it will not make you or break you. It does not provide any guarantees in life.

Casimir Catholic College, Marrickville student Annaliese Roehrig begins her HSC exams along with 4665 students from Sydney Catholic Schools today. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

“Give it your best over these next few weeks – but understand that whatever the result, you will have many pathways to work or further study.”

Annaliese Roehrig who is doing her HSC at Casimir Catholic College, Marrickville, said that she hoped The Catholic Weekly readers would ask God to bless all Year 12 students embarking on their HSC.

“The day has finally arrived and I have come to the conclusion that we have all worked very hard and have been well prepared by our teachers,” she said.

“I guess that all we need to do now is go into the exam room and treat the test like any other paper.

“I hope that all Year 12 students take up the challenge to do our very best, that we all think clearly and write succinct, logical and creative responses for each question.”

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