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Sacred heart duo queens of the green

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Promising golfer Stephanie Kyriacou driving her way to success

Young hotshots Stephanie Kyriacou and Monica Johnson are a “par of golfers swinging their way to success”!

Incredibly, both young ladies selected to represent NSW at the Australian Junior Golf Championships in Perth next month not only come from Sydney’s eastern suburbs but attend the same school.

With only 10 players selected for the state squad, golf officials agree having two of Australia’s best young golfers come from the same high school is extremely rare.

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And the similarities don’t stop there. The two students from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart at Kensington both have plans to make golf their careers and turn pro by the time they are 21. And their dream is to one day play at Augusta, home of The Masters and considered the most exclusive golf club in the world.

Stephanie, 17, in Year 12, and Monica, 16, in Year 11, agree that while they often compete against each other it’s also comforting knowing the other is around to share the highs and lows of the sport.

“A lot of my friends really don’t understand what a big deal golf is,” Stephane laughed.

“They know I get to fly around the world and compete in lots of different tournaments but they don’t understand how much hard work goes into it.

“Having Monica around is great as we both know what it entails and we can help each other through when times get a bit tough.

“And I know about tough. I am currently doing my HSC but still find time every day to hit the course. I just can’t get enough of it.”

Monica Johnson holding her Alice Springs Junior Open trophy

Stephanie, a member of St Michael’s Golf Club and off plus 4 and Monica, at the neighbouring Australian Golf Club and off plus 2, have both travelled the world with their sport playing in the US, Japan, Canada and Singapore. And despite starting from such humble beginnings at local driving ranges with their dads, both believe they could be the new breed of golfing superstars to hit the international circuit.

“I started playing with my dad when I was little, following him around driving ranges on a weekend,”’ Monica said.

“That’s where my passion started and I have just gone from strength to strength. He is still really competitive, we play together all the time and while he tries his best to beat me he doesn’t even come close.

“I have worked really hard and am very proud of what I have achieved and believe we could be the next big things in women’s golf.

“Having Stephanie around is fantastic, golf is an individual sport but it’s nice knowing she’s there when I need her.”

Principal of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College Jenny Fowler said the school was extremely proud of both girls and what they have already achieved in a very difficult and demanding sport.

“At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, we pride ourselves on encouraging young women to achieve in any field,” she said.

“We are extremely proud of both girls for their ongoing commitment and passion to this sport and also for who they are and the way they conduct themselves in our community.

“It really is remarkable to have two outstanding golfers in the one school.”

The girls will take part in both the individual and team events at the Australian Junior Golf Championships at Royal Perth Golf Club from 11-13 April. They are hoping for a “three-peat”’ having taking out the teams title two years running.

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