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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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CW readers touched by Fr Toan Nguyen’s story of mission

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Fr Toan Nguyen’s tale of offering aid across continents has touched hearts across Australia.

Following a story reported by The Catholic Weekly in Sydney on his regular missionary trips to Vietnam to help disabled orphans, the parish priest at St Brendan’s Church in Bankstown informed the paper that he has since received extra donations ahead of his next planned visit in June.

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Two readers from Queensland moved by the priest’s ventures donated $500 and $100 to the parish specifically for the cause while another from Lismore generously gave $500.

Fr Nguyen said he had received more than $1,200 in total so far and resounding encouragement from both his own parish and the wider community.

“It’s really incredible and amazing to see that news quickly circulates beyond the borders,” he said.

“What’s more, its beautiful to know that people across the country care for these children. They said they were excited to hear about the story and the good work being done for the orphans.

mission _ the Catholic Weekly

“There’s been so much positive feedback that’s come from it. Good comes from good.

“The Catholic mindset is always excited about helping people and these guys just want to contribute in any way they possibly can.”

TCW originally reported on Fr Nguyen’s trips to poverty-stricken areas of Vietnam in late April where he discussed his 15 years of service to poor disabled orphans as part of his Lenten penance each year.

“Some of these kids are so helpless and rely on every form of assistance. They break your heart. Some just lie on the floor, not even a bed, and they have nothing,” he said.

“St Paul said your deeds must match your words; they must go hand in hand. I think it’s much easier for me to preach to my congregation about love for others and to care for the marginalised, but where’s the evidence?”

Fr Nguyen will return to Vietnam before Lent next year—this time in June to help deliver a cool room for the orphanage for frozen food storage.

“The new donations will definitely help with making that a reality for these kids,” he said.

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