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World Day of the Poor theme revealed

Rome Reports
Rome Reports
ROME REPORTS is a private, independent television news agency based in Rome, Italy, specialising in covering the Pope and the Vatican.

In his message for the 8th World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis criticised policies that promote wars.

“How many more people are impoverished by misguided policies involving weapons?” he asked. “How many innocent victims?”

The Vatican has confirmed that on 17 November, Pope Francis will preside over a Mass in St Peter’s Basilica with poor people from throughout Italy. Following the Mass, the pope will have lunch with them in the Paul VI Audience hall.

“Let us pray together to the Lord that he bless us, bless the meals and bless this time of fellowship all together and accompany us in life.”

The theme of the 8th World Day of the Poor is “The prayer of the poor rises up to God.”

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