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Baby, it’s love before first sight

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Chantal and Piotr Czeczotko’s first child,due to be born on 27 November, has already inspired thousands. PHOTO: G Portelli

Meet the youngest member of the pro-life movement, the child of Campsie couple Chantal and Piotr Czeczotko. At just 30 weeks in utero the baby is an active little one and will be the couple’s first-born.

The proud parents got their first glimpse in real time through 4D ultrasound on 14 September and the child’s heartbeat has already twice been broadcast around the world during Sydney’s two Stand for Life rallies on 15 August and 15 September to protest NSW’s proposed abortion law.

The couple happily offered the live relaying of their child’s heartbeat to highlight the humanity of the unborn. “Many people told us they were touched and inspired by that beautiful sound which confirmed for us that it was the right thing to do,” Mrs Czeczotko said.

“There are women who have not been blessed with the support that we have, and we are deeply humbled to be able to do what we can to show that abortion is not the answer.”

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Sydney GP and NSW president of Doctors for Life Dr Catherine Lennon said that 4D ultrasound provided superior monitoring of a baby’s growth and development, as well as a “window” into the life of the pre-born.

Hearin an unborn child’s heartbeat confirmed to many why they were at Sydney’s 15 Sept pro-life rally. Photo: G Portelli

“It’s just an incredible experience that the advanced technology is allowing us to see so much more of the baby’s features especially it’s facial expressions, the way the baby might be moving around or sucking its thumb,” Dr Lennon said.

“Ultrasound technology has changed people’s lives and as well as many people’s views on abortion.”

Dr Lennon will lead a conference and dinner for health professionals and students interested in antenatal care and improved support for pregnant women on 26 October at Carnarvon Golf Club, Lidcombe.

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