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Cardinal Pell rules out change on Communion for divorced, remarried

In a book coming out just before October’s extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family, Cardinal George Pell rules out proposed changes to church practice that would allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

“Doctrine and pastoral practice cannot be contradictory,” writes Cardinal Pell, a former archbishop of Sydney who now serves as prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy. “One cannot maintain the indissolubility of marriage by allowing the ‘remarried’ to receive Communion.”

The cardinal calls for a clear restatement of traditional teaching, to avoid the sort of widespread protests that greeted Pope Paul VI’s affirmation of Catholic teaching against contraception in 1968.

“The sooner the wounded, the lukewarm, and the outsiders realise that substantial doctrinal and pastoral changes are impossible, the more the hostile disappointment (which must follow the reassertion of doctrine) will be anticipated and dissipated,” writes the cardinal, who will participate in the synod.     [Full Story]

The final resting place of an Australian Digger who fought on the Western Front in World War I and died destitute in 1958 has been marked for the first time with a headstone and plaque. [More]
The Manly Union marked its 100th anniversary on 10 September by returning to the place of its founding, celebrating its work in supporting the priestly vocations of scores of local men. [More]
Tuck the Gospel in your pocket and put on your walking shoes to share Christ’s love, peace and joy with the world, Pope Francis said. [More]
With the highest levels of HIV prevalence globally, southern African countries have seen families torn apart by AIDS, with children left to raise younger siblings and sick children left in the care of elderly grandparents. [More]
Pope Francis’ international Council of Cardinals has begun creating the first draft of a new apostolic constitution that would implement a major reform of the Vatican bureaucracy. [More]
A car bearing Vatican diplomatic plates was stopped in France yesterday with four kilograms of cocaine and 200 grams of cannabis on board. [More]
They took to the streets with the cross; the stark symbol of Christ’s journey to victory through his suffering and death. [More]
Australians will make a pilgrimage to Germany later this month to celebrate a century of the remarkable Schoenstatt Catholic lay movement. [More]
I have a friend who refuses to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) he was given as a gift. “I don’t need another voice telling me what direction I should be taking," he muses. [More]
When a storm hits, you have to respect the sea and know the Madonna will guide you to safety says Sydney fisherman Paul Bagnato, who will take part in the city’s annual Blessing of the Fleet next week. [More]
AFL legend Kevin Sheedy and ABC presenter Geraldine Doogue go into bat for Australia’s bishops, launching this year’s social justice statement on sport at St Mary’s Cathedral. [More]
On the evening of 12 September, 2006, my wife and I were dining in Cracow with Polish friends when an agitated Italian Vaticanista (pardon the redundancy in adjectives) called, demanding to know what I thought of “zees crazee speech of zee pope about zee Muslims”. [More]
In developed societies, many see the Church as irrelevant precisely over issues that centre on what it means to be a person – with sex, gender, relationships and the sanctity of life often at the heart. Here most especially the Church is perceived as being obtuse and entirely out of synch with the spirit of the times. [More]
When Australian Catholic University (ACU) exercise science lecturers Dr Ross Smith and Dr Paul Callery kicked around the idea of a soccer program to help young people in East Timor, they had no idea just how far it would go. [More]
Research is the licence for a university to play in the great game of public intellectualism, and without this licence it will be without credibility. [More]
Space and time are found for covering marriages and family break-ups among soap opera stars, royal families, movie actors and others of varying celebrity, while those delivering genuine civic and social responsibility based on faith are ignored. [More]
Q: I prefer to attend the Tridentine rite Mass but I have recently moved to an area where the only one available is said by priests of the Society of St Pius X. I know these priests are not in good standing with the Holy See but can I still attend their Mass? [More]
We see frightening news and a bleak future for humanity in the media. It is true, as they say that love and common sense are two precious commodities in short supply. [More]


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