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Vivian Choi to play at Lights of Christmas

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World renowned Australian pianist Vivian Choi is excited to play for her hometown, Sydney PHOTO: Vivian Choi website

Australian pianist Vivian Choi, described by critics as ‘an exemplar of the modern global pianist’, will be returning to her hometown Sydney to perform at the Lights of Christmas concert in the St Mary’s Cathedral forecourt on the evening of Thursday 5 December.

Vivian, who began her career in Sydney, studied at The Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, Russia, where she graduated  summa cum laude. She is currently based in New York.

Vivian Spoke to The Catholic Weekly about playing in Sydney.

“To play back home is always very special for me,” she said.

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“It is such a wonderful feeling when you see familiar faces in the crowd, to see family and friends. It is a joy to play for any audience but especially in my hometown”.

Vivian will be performing in collaboration with her friend, the world renowned Italian vocalist and Franciscan Friar Alessandro on his first visit to Australia. “It’s special for me to be able to introduce my friend, Friar Alessandro to the natural beauty of Australia,” she said. The pair have performed on multiple occasions together, including concert in Assisi in 2016.

Vivian also spoke of looking forward to seeing Artes Christi at the concert.

“I know Artes Christi are involved in amazing projects. I’ve heard them perform at concerts at St Peters in Surry Hills.”

Surry Hills choir
Artes Christi choir performing at an event PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Ms Choi, herself a practising Catholic, spoke also on the importance her faith in her music, especially in relation to the Christian transcendental of beauty.

“My faith informs not just my music but also everything in my life”

“I am always inspired when I meet listeners who say that a certain piece touched their souls. The beauty of music is that it can affect people in different ways,” she said.

“Music takes on a life of its own; it can be healing; it can be energising and can bring people together. It can transform the way you see the world- like a stained glass window.”

Lights of Christmas in 2018 PHOTO: Sydney Catholic Archdiocese

Details on the 2019 Lights of Christmas can be found on the website

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