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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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This Catholic Life Podcast – Ep. 1: “New In Town”

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Episode #1 – “New In Town”

Hosts:  Peter Holmes & Renee Kohler
Guest:  Rian “Box” Galliott

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In this episode…

  • Introducing the hosts and guest
  • Why do this podcast?
  • The experience of being New to something
    • Being New in a country, city or place
    • Aussie accents, and other Aussie accents.
    • Being New to a job/workplace
    • Being New to a team
    • Being New to a parish
    • Being New to the Catholic faith
  • One minute wonder
    • Tolkien vs Lewis on Mythology
    • Transhumanism, fractal geometry and the human brain
    • Yesterday (rediscovering the Beetles)

Links and Resources:

Correction: ethos and ethnos are different Greek words. Ethos means habits and philosophy of a place and ethnos refers to a nation, particularly nations other than one’s own.

St Phillip Neri is the priest who insisted on not taking ourselves seriously, and being silly to shake people out of a too serious piety.

Albert the Great did indeed have the nickname “Boots” due to his insistence on walking everywhere.

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