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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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The Episcopal Podcast with Bishop Richard Umbers returns for Season Three

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Theology, pop culture and apostolate are back together again with the return of Sydney Auxiliary Bishop Richard Umbers’ Episcopal Podcast for its third season.

Bishop Umbers will once again be joined by young Catholics, theologians and international guests to bring elements of the Christian intellectual tradition to bear on contemporary life.

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“I hope to engage millennial Catholics with a faith-based reflection on contemporary culture. This is meant as an encouragement to think through the issues raised by our peers at work and at the café,” Bishop Umbers said.

“Apostolate in Australia calls for a readiness to give reasons for our hope. For that reason, though at one level the discourse is bubbly and aimed at a general audience, the ideas and their treatment are what you would expect to find in a university tutorial.

“Ultimately, I would love for listeners to sign up to courses that are offered in Catholic higher education. Formation never ends!

“In the weeks to come you can expect to see conversation centred around Succession as a form of Shakespearean drama, transhumanism and non- human personhood with AI, and the importance of fraternal love and character building in sci-fi entertainment.”

Previous seasons have explored issues as broad as the Jewishness of Jesus, evolution, postmodernism, Buddhism and St Thomas Aquinas as a commentator on Sacred Scripture.

Visit The Catholic Weekly website to listen to the latest episodes of The Episcopal Podcast or access it via Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever good podcasts can be found.

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