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Where to find comfort and purpose in our liminal lives

When an unassuming chapel in an out-of-the-way town appeared on a Facebook page about eerie “liminal aesthetics,” commenters were comforted rather than unsettled. In our in-between lives, simple places of purpose retain their charm, writes Simcha Fisher

Restored order of sacraments and family catechesis: a combination that works

My nine-year-old was recently confirmed, the first in our family who has received both the “restored order of sacraments” and whole-family faith formation. As a way of emphasising that faith is a matter for our whole lives, it has serious strengths, writes Simcha Fisher.

In praise of activism that serves without ego

Noisy public activism isn’t all bad, but in general I’m skeptical when it draws attention primarily to the activist. Our efforts are most effective when we lay aside our ego, and serve others, writes Simcha Fisher.

Take care of the Holy Name, the rest will follow

It seems like such a “little thing” to revere the Holy Name of Jesus. But life is about getting the little things in order. So treat the Lord’s name carefully, writes Simcha Fisher.

The temple Jesus purifies is the human heart

We all know the story of Jesus making a whip of cords and knocking over the money changers’ tables in the temple. People do love this passage, and generally imagine themselves as Jesus, wrecking the place when sinners aren’t acting right.

Simcha Fisher: The Incarnation of Christ remains as scandalous as ever

When non-Catholics are scandalised by our God, church and sacraments, it’s a sign our faith still has spiritual power, Simcha Fisher writes

Simcha Fisher: When complaints about World Youth Day veer into irreverence

According to tradition, World Youth Day is being largely ignored by the secular press and is being marked with nonstop complaining by Catholic social...

Simcha Fisher: The church’s all-male clergy is for the love of...

Priests can be all kinds of men. I’ve often thought that this is surely one of the ways you can tell the Catholic Church is truly the one true, universal church

Simcha Fisher: Microdosing catechism

My mother was an organised woman who dedicated one or two days a week to catechism. My approach is... different

Simcha Fisher: All of life is worth living

People assume that life is only worth living while we are hale and hearty. The final years of my father's life showed otherwise

Simcha Fisher: Give your small gifts to Jesus

Offering gifts to Jesus is not like depositing cash in the bank. It's more like planting a seed which grows and flourishes

Simcha Fisher: I won’t ask how your Lent has gone… Just...

Whether you've taken on a heavy burden or picked something at random this Lent, don't forget the reason you've done it in the first place!
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