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Simcha Fisher: When complaints about World Youth Day veer into irreverence

According to tradition, World Youth Day is being largely ignored by the secular press and is being marked with nonstop complaining by Catholic social...

Simcha Fisher: The church’s all-male clergy is for the love of...

Priests can be all kinds of men. I’ve often thought that this is surely one of the ways you can tell the Catholic Church is truly the one true, universal church

Simcha Fisher: Microdosing catechism

My mother was an organised woman who dedicated one or two days a week to catechism. My approach is... different

Simcha Fisher: All of life is worth living

People assume that life is only worth living while we are hale and hearty. The final years of my father's life showed otherwise

Simcha Fisher: Give your small gifts to Jesus

Offering gifts to Jesus is not like depositing cash in the bank. It's more like planting a seed which grows and flourishes

Simcha Fisher: I won’t ask how your Lent has gone… Just...

Whether you've taken on a heavy burden or picked something at random this Lent, don't forget the reason you've done it in the first place!

From meeting friends to meeting God, you never know what might...

There's a reason so many lifelong Catholics go on retreat: silence and stillness provide opportunities to encounter the unexpected

Why I stay Catholic

Some time ago, I had a memorable dream. I dreamed that I had barged in on a plan to renovate our local church building,...

Simcha Fisher: Four ways to keep the Advent season in proportion

Off we go, into Advent and Christmas! If you're a mother, you're probably in charge of setting the tone for the entire family for...

Simcha Fisher: My mother’s actions spoke loudly

Some people have mothers they could always go to for advice. My mother was not like that. If she was speaking about the news, or...

Simcha Fisher: In some ways the world is getting kinder

As I was writing this essay, I got a call from a blind man named Henry. He needed help finding the front door of...

Simcha Fisher: Get your wedding de-planning services here

My daughter once worked at Michael's craft supply store. It wasn't a very challenging job, so she took it upon herself to add a...
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