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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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George Weigel: Baseball and rumours of angels

Signs of transcendence are embedded in our reality everywhere, giving the lie to our supposedly “secular” world. From the love of mothers to the love of baseball, we must be attuned to these signs when we experience them, writes George Weigel

Kevin Donnelly: Roots of our existential crisis

Understanding causes of the problem leads to knowing how to overcome it and find true meaning There’s no doubt society, for all its benefits and...

Mary Eberstadt: how we really lost God

Mary Eberstadt was in town recently. Australian Catholic University hosted an event at Parliament House, Canberra. Participants were gifted with, How The West Really Lost...

Woke PC culture: it’s beyond rational defence

Those defending political correctness (now rebadged as being woke) argue it is a form of politeness and civility and it pressures people to treat...

Former PM Tony Abbott launches new book on Christianity’s importance

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the recent passing of euthanasia laws in NSW has highlighted the extent to which fundamental Christian values have...

Fight, or lose rights says ACU Vice-chancellor

Today’s believers will need to fight a vicious form of secularism if they want to pass their faith onto the next generation of Australians,...
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