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Ideology and blasphemy meet in Russia

A recent document from the Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Kirill attempts to spiritualise and sanctify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Holy See would do well to rally Christian leaders to condemn the notion that Russia is waging a “holy war” and has a special mission from God in the 21st century, writes George Weigel.

Ukrainian human rights advocate calls for synod on ‘just defense’

Myroslav Marynovych, a human rights advocate from Ukraine and a former Soviet political prisoner, said the conflict in Ukraine demonstrates "the insufficiency" of current discussions about "just war and just peace and just defense."

Pope’s call for ‘courage of the white flag’ in Ukraine draws...

Pope Francis called for Ukraine to have the "courage of the white flag," a term usually associated with surrender, drawing the ire of the embattled country's leaders
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