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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Cumberland councillor doubles down on same-sex parent book ban

After successfully passing a motion to ban books depicting same-sex parents in Cumberland City Council libraries, Steve Christou is standing by the decision as the state government threatens to withdraw funding.

NSW Govt ‘tone deaf’ on gender in wake of Cass report

The Cass Report on gender-affirming care in the UK’s NHS is as significant to the dangers of promoting gender-affirmative treatment in kids as the 1964 Surgeon-General report was to the link between smoking and lung cancer. So why is the NSW government preparing to open a new gender clinic, writes Monica Doumit

Dr Rocco Loiacono: JPII wanted a politics of dignity, not identity

The idea of equality before the law has its origins in St Paul's Letter to the Galatians (3:28): "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, given you are all one in Christ Jesus."

How can we navigate conflict as Christians this year?

I never liked playing team games. Mainly because I was half-blind, large and slow, but also because I didn’t enjoy being part of a...

Believer in something bigger

A passion for politics was fostered by her own Catholic background and experience of Catholic education, says influential NSW Labor MP Prue Car Despite it...

Monica Doumit: Weeding believers out of public life

A spurious ‘investigation’ and an Opposition leader terrified of the media that launched it equals the latest lesson from Victoria: don’t let those nasty...

The woman who confounds both left and right

By Lois M Collins Elizabeth Bruenig makes no apologies. Not for her progressive politics, not for her Catholic faith and certainly not for having children...

Dear Australian politicians: back the family and you win

We can only applaud Paul Kelly, The Australian’s editor at large, for his assessment of the current election campaign last weekend. Of specific importance...

Julian Leeser: Protections for all of us

A supporter of the proposed Religious Discrimination laws, Liberal backbencher Julian Leeser, explains his position Too often the only thing people know about the Christian...

Premier Perrottet and the mathematics of defeat

In Hornblower, the British Admiralty tasks Captain Edmund Pellew and his frigate to remain as a retreat option in case a military campaign in...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: The PM and Christianity

Every decision made in politics and government is informed and influenced by a particular philosophy or belief system As argued by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP,...

Peter Rosengren: Time to make the family our priority

Who will bat for Australian families at the political level? It is entirely legitimate to question whether politics in Australia today is little more than...
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