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Final work of an iconic Australian poet

Posthumous volumes of poetry hold a particular fascination. Is the poet losing his powers or does the keenness of dwindling life produce a new honesty, a new self-assessment, or new depths of creativity? Czeslaw Milosz and R.S. Thomas produced masterworks well into their old age while many others seem to coast by on past achievements.

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Melbourne teacher wins music prize

Choir director and organist Timothy Mallis will bring an 'Australian flavour' to Christmas concert.

Prize honours inspirational poet

Les Murray would welcome the competition for young composers, says long-time friend.

Les Murray the mystic remembered

Australia’s poet Les Murray was a mystic who regarded all reality as “suffused with the presence of God".

Les Murray poem led me to the Catholic Church

Meet the man who was inspired by the poetry of Les Murray to enter the Catholic Church. Benjamin Drake, a 32-year-old motion designer for a...

Les Murray – a daily sacramental poet

When Les Murray received an honorary D.Litt degree from the University of New England in 1990, he began his acceptance speech in an unusual...

Les Murray’s desire for God inspired

Catholic poets and academics have remembered Australian poet Les Murray for his deep faith along with his much-lauded literary genius.
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