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Did Christ intend to found the Church, or just preach the...

Some Protestants believe that Christ did not found a visible, hierarchical Church, but that he only preached the Kingdom of God, and it was the early Christians in different places who gradually formed themselves into communities of believers. Is this true?

Philippa Martyr: Say ‘enough’ when the world says ‘more!’

Last Lent I wrote about the seven deadly sins, starting with gluttony. I’ll go in the same order with the virtues, which means we’ll start with temperance or moderation.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Freely we receive, freely we give

This “Sunday of the Leper” recounts the merciful healing of a man who was unclean, and forced to live alone, outside the city walls. It’s hard for us today to understand what this meant in ancient Israel.

I’m happy for the ‘sanctity of life’ principle. But I long...

Is it not schizophrenic to impose the “sanctity of life” in the case of a young woman who doesn’t want to die but who will accept death as a result of her decision, but to not do the same for another young cancer sufferer who wants to opt for lethal drugs?

Celebrity converts are exciting, but faith and fame don’t mix well

Actor Shia LeBeouf’s reception into the Catholic Church was in the news again for a while, but then it quickly receded. But this isn’t about him, in particular! What it’s about is this: Fame and faith do not mix. When they do, it almost never turns out well!

Croatian ‘car maniacs’ revved up for God and neighbour

Over 100 muscle cars, hot rods and family cars, and nearly 30 motorbikes, took part in the second annual Croatian Pilgrimage Cruise starting at St Nikola Tavelic Church, St John’s Park on 10 February.

The Chosen Season 4 sets a darker tone as the Passion...

We left The Chosen at the end of season three with the feeding of the five thousand and Christ walking on water. Now as season four begins, the hit biblical drama has taken a darker turn, with burgeoning danger and the cross on the distant horizon.

St Mary’s College celebrates return to co-education for Bicentenary

Prefect of the class of 1953 Patricia Sumner has welcomed St Mary's Cathedral College's return to co-educational learning from 2025

Faithful Catholic witness in schools vital at all levels, expert urges

With the identity of faith based schools under withering scrutiny from parliaments across Australia, Dr Bernadette Mercieca has called for 'faith-based leadership density and spiritual formation of staff'

Simcha Fisher: Patience might just be the virtue you need in...

God is patient. He calls us to be patient. How do we practice patience like God does?

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Papal primacy in history

Dear Fr John Flader, You have written that the primacy of the Pope in the Church is clear in Scripture. Is there any evidence in the first centuries that the rest of the Church accepted this primacy?

St Mary’s Cathedral College and choir to enrol girls in 2025

St Mary’s Cathedral College will accept enrolments for girls from 2025, with the renowned Cathedral Choir also accepting girl choristers next year on full scholarships
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