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Philippa Martyr: Time isn’t ordinary if you spend it with God

It’s now our first bit of Ordinary Time—the little patch of green between the joy of Christmas (ahh) and the joy of Lent (yikes).

Repairing the damage of defensiveness

Byron recently shared a new idea with Francine. Instead of encouragement, Francine responded with, “When will you get time to do that?!”

Tips to make the most of our summer Sundays

Late January finds many of us returning to work while hoping to keep the sense of peace we regained over the Christmas and New Year break.

Philippa Martyr: Choose a good guide for the year’s journey

My sister and I have holidayed in England. It’s a great country to get lost in because people would often say, “Come and I’ll show you”.

Trying to fix a mess can make it worse. Just ask...

My carpet was eventually an easy fix, but some of the messes of the past year are not as trivial as coffee on carpet.

To learn what trust means, look to St Joseph

What does it mean to trust in God? I remember asking my spiritual director this question when going through a period of stubborn anxiety.

Called & Gifted participants come together to reflect

After meeting regularly online since August, local participants of the Called & Gifted Discernment Process met in-person for the first time.

Is Heaven a place?

Where is heaven? If there are bodies in heaven, then surely they must be somewhere in space? Is that the case?

In 2023, the passing of Pope Benedict XVI was only the...

This has been a massive year, hasn’t it? Pope Benedict XVI had entered eternal life and we lost our dear Cardinal George Pell.

Men hear the call to fellowship and faith from Deacon Harold...

Growth of men's ministry in Sydney offers more opportunities for service and mutual support than ever before
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