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The passion, death, and resurrection of marriage

No marriage stays the same—we all go through periods of passion, death, resurrection and recreation. It’s not easy, but there are three things we can do to stay on track as our marriages transform, write Francine and Byron Pirola.

We are God’s presence for everyone we accompany

In our wounded and fragmented culture, opportunities to accompany each other are increasingly needed, especially in our intimate relationships.

Relationship repair always has two sides

Periods of disconnection are an unfortunate part of every marriage. Relationship Repair takes both an initiator and receiver.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Stonewalling is a silent killer in marriage

Stonewalling – aka ‘the silent treatment’ – is common in many marriages. Never helpful and poorly understood, we ignore it at our risk.  

Frustrated in your marriage? Four ideas to ease the pain

Over the past decade, we’ve frequently had frustrated husbands or wives approach us for help. Their marriage was in trouble, but their spouse was...

Marital arguments are our protest against disconnection

Arguments mean different things in different circumstances. An argument is defined as a work of persuasion. We use arguments to convince others of our point of view.

Resurrecting Marriage

Several years ago, we were invited onto a TV breakfast show to talk about marriage. We are all familiar with the format; people interviewed on couches with a polite live studio audience. It’s light and airy entertainment; sort of fairy floss for the mind.
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