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A Catholic revival is upon us. Feel free to enjoy it

Between an influx of new converts and a raft of high-profile figures making nice with God—including Jordan Peterson and Richard Dawkins—we’re witnessing the beginning of a Catholic revival. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, but we shouldn’t lose our heads, writes Philippa Martyr

Sixteen children baptised at Easter in Berala

At the Easter Vigil this year, St Peter Chanel and St Joseph the Worker parish welcomed 16 children from the parish schools as new members of the church through the Rite of Baptism, many of whom had first learned about God through their school.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s Chrism Mass Homily: Liquid Gold

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP's Homily for the Chrism Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Maundy Thursday 28 March 2024.

Light to the Nations brings light of Christ

Over one thousand people flocked to Mt Carmel Retreat Centre over Holy Week for the Disciples of Jesus and Missionaries of God’s Easter retreat, Light to the Nations

Q and A with Fr John Flader: The Passover and the...

Dear Fr John Flader, Someone told me there are a lot of parallels between the Jewish Passover and the Eucharist. Is this true?

Behind the Lens: Chaos and piety at Penrose park

Grandmothers shout at the centurions to leave Jesus alone. Spectators trip and stumble among the eucalypts trying to capture video of the saviour bowed under the cross. Fake blood sprays and prayers fill the air. There’s no more iconic Good Friday event than the Penrose Park Passion Play, and Catholic Weekly photographer Giovanni Portelli has a front row seat

On Easter, pope asks Christ to ‘roll away’ the stones of...

On Easter Christ alone "has the power to roll away the stones that block the path to life" and which trap humanity in war and injustice, Pope Francis said after celebrating Easter Mass in St Peter's Square 31 March. "Only the risen Christ, by granting us the forgiveness of our sins, opens the way for a renewed world."

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s Good Friday Homily: The Holy Lance

The innocent Jesus or the bloodthirsty Barabbas? The true Son of God or the imposter-god the August Caesar? Courage or betrayal? Power or sacrifice? Truth or falsehood? In the face of indifference, fear and hatred, what do we choose?

Belief and unbelief in the Easter scriptures

The disciples didn’t believe on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and most of the following week. If you find yourself doubting, remember that because of the disciples’ doubts we have a great gift: an account of a real, solid, incarnate, resurrected Jesus, writes Philippa Martyr

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s Holy Thursday Homily: The Holy Grail

Through Jesus' Body and Blood, the angel of death passes over us all. And that Holy Grail, that brings healing to the human heart, points us to that heavenly banquet, when there will be no more sickness or suffering, but only Christ’s gift of life eternal.

The passion, death, and resurrection of marriage

No marriage stays the same—we all go through periods of passion, death, resurrection and recreation. It’s not easy, but there are three things we can do to stay on track as our marriages transform, write Francine and Byron Pirola.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s 2024 Easter Message

'The scandal of the cross is not only the death of the man-God, but also His willingness to forgive. A willingness that we are called to imitate.'
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