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More to Catholic women than deacon question, says Professor Renée Köhler-Ryan

“It is an obvious fact that most women in the church have no interest in being priests, and have no interest in being deacons. Statistically,” Prof Köhler-Ryan said.

Reading the signs of the times

By Patrick O’Shea Understanding what’s happening at a deeper level is important. It points us to the solutions A common soundbite I hear in relation to...

Broken Bay’s Domestic Church Movement sparks national Interest

A new ecclesial reality has won attention around Australia. Dioceses and parishes looking to rev up committed Catholic family life - and therefore the Church - want to know all about what it aims for - and how it goes about it

How a baby (and parents) got it all going

Maria Andrzejewski believes a little “divine Intervention” had a lot to do with establishing the Domestic Church Movement in her parish.

A blessing – and a major opportunity

The evangelisation of families is one of the most pressing challenges in our Church. As important as is the need for personal conversion, and as significant as is the Church’s mission in the education of young people, unless faith is nurtured and sustained in the context of family, it is difficult to develop genuine communities of faith.

Marriages jump-start evangelisation

Married couple Ashleigh and Justin Donnelly feel “beyond blessed” to be part of the first parish in Australia to have the Domestic Church program available and can’t wait to see how far across the country it spreads.

Gosford goes on the front foot for faith

An international program which aims to renew the way Catholics engage with their faith and connect beyond the parish church building has been launched on the NSW Central Coast.
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