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Donkey’s tale a hit in Holy Week

In the leadup to Easter, students at St Michael’s Daceyville honed their drama skills to perform a live rendition of author Anthony Salame’s ‘The Messiah’s Donkey.’

Popular comedian turns to writing faith stories for children

Lebanese-Australian comedian turned children’s author Anthony Salame is bringing the Catholic faith to kids across Sydney with his latest book. St Jerome’s Catholic Church in...

Simcha Fisher: What are your kids reading? Do you trust them...

When my family used to homeschool, I used to interrogate myself about which was be worse: The horrible knowledge that I was in charge of everything they would learn that day? Or (if we switched to someone else teaching) the horrible knowledge I wasn’t in charge of anything they would learn that day? 

Children’s book opens door to God

Caroline Fisher says writing a book for Catholic children has helped her to spread a message of true love “too good” to keep to herself.
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