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Dr Kevin Donnelly: Cancel culture’s war on tolerance

In his Easter message His Grace Archbishop Fisher argued, “In many ways contemporary societies are deeply divided. Our politics are often polarised and social media vicious, the language is extreme, and it’s all or nothing.” With very few exceptions, sexuality is binary beyond a doubt, and God given.

Paul Catalanotto: Tunes to cancel this year

Christmas is coming, and like every Christmas season, radio stations subject its listeners to the same bland Christmas muzak.

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Kevin Donnelly: Woke gender fascism

George Orwell, the author of 1984, argues one of the most effective ways that totalitarian regimes maintain power is by controlling language. Orwell writes...

US Congressman Dan Lipinski: Catholic social teaching antidote to sectarianism

Catholic social teaching is desperately needed to enrich public discourse

Anthony Cleary: The Lost Art of Civil Disagreement.

Sadly, there is little tolerance for divergent views. Instead, there is an aggressive push for cultural conformity

ACU honours Hendersons’ contribution to Civil Discourse

Australian Catholic University has awarded esteemed  academics Gerard and Anne Henderson with honorary doctorates
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