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Benjamin Conolly: My Voice front-row seat showed me why Australia voted...

I turn 30 later this year. I am told that’s a big deal, but I am not sure why—most of the country has already done it.11

Craig Arthur: Indigenous Australians’ resilience humbles us all

Following the Voice to Parliament referendum, we find ourselves in a moment of solemn reflection. We contemplate the deep historical significance of the path our nation has chosen, a path too familiar to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Pat Farmer hits Voice run finish line

Footsore, covered with flies and pressing on despite 40-plus degree temperatures, Pat Farmer is close to the end of an extraordinary run around Australia.

Disadvantage based on need, not race, says Price

The Voice to Parliament referendum is not only the most divisive in the country’s history but based on a false conception that its Indigenous...

Fr Brennan: Vote Yes despite a ‘hell of a mess’

The Voice referendum is in “a hell of a mess,” but Catholic social teaching and decades of papal support for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres...
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