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Monica Doumit: The silence of the wokes

Katherine Deves is now Australia's most famous bigot for her Tweets about gender. But when will Labor come clean about its own Twitter bigots?

Informed Voter’s Election 2022 Guide

In the 13 March 2022 edition of The Catholic Weekly, the Voting for the Common Good election guide contributed to by the Catholic Archdiocese...

Interest rates, jobs and … killing

We are now within the final fortnight of the federal election campaign and postal votes are already starting to be returned, and so it...

Catholics reveal the real election issues

As Australians prepare to go to the polls in the federal election on 21 May, The Catholic Weekly has sat down with families in...

Monica Doumit: When pollies appear like visions

Christians and their faith are increasingly irrelevant or open to dismissal by politics - except when their votes are needed There is a convention in...

Factory of faith

When politics discovers faith Religious freedom may be dead for now, after the Morrison Government failed to get its proposed bill through Parliament, but the...

ELECTION 2022: experts warn ‘inevitable fall’ in living standards

      In an election campaign dominated already by “gotcha” questions about economic statistics, Catholic agencies and researchers warn that entrenched poverty, rising cost of living...

Plibersek delivers Mannix Lecture on Labor’s Catholic values

Labor MP Tanya Plibersek said Labor needed to explain its values clearly before the 2019 election, instead of focusing on the 'how' of policy
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