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March for Life pilgrim blog: Suprises at Tepeyac Hill

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A framed picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe is seen at a house near the US-Mexico border fence in 2016 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. President Donald Trump enacted two executive memorandums to deal with security, including one that calls for construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border. Photo: CNS

A group of young Sydney pilgrims led by Bishop Richard Umbers are travelling to Mexico and the US for a 15-day pilgrimage culminating in the March for Life in Washington on 24 January. This is the second in their blog series sharing their ‘life-changing’ journey.

By March for Life pilgrim Jessica

Two months prior to embarking on this adventure, I was challenged to contemplate the sacredness of a woman’s womb, the place where the Father bestows upon the child a soul. At conception, development of the mother-child dyad begins, taking on powerful spiritual, emotional and physiological dimensions.

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The womb of the pregnant Lady of Guadalupe is home to the Saviour of the Universe. She is the Immaculate Tabernacle of the Eucharistic Jesus. Since my childhood, the Blessed Mother made her spiritual maternity and protection known to me. Locking eyes with my Mother on the tilma, I felt the tender embrace of her arms around my heart, and out flowed the tears.

Jessica is pictured with the Dean of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monsignor Eduardo Chavez. PHOTO: Supplied

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a master evangelist. She pursued an end to ritual human sacrifice, and in the decade following the apparitions, 8 million indigenous people were baptised. The tilma has survived attempted bombings, an accidental acid spill, and political movements rising up out of fear of her influence.

Her love of God and love of humanity prevail, and will continue to inspire a restored civilisation of love through her courageous, incarnational protagonism. Now as patron of the unborn, She continues to watch over us as we strive to build a culture of life.

Already in awe of Our Lady’s beauty, I soon realised God wasn’t done lavishing His grace upon this day.

Following a brief tour around Tepeyac Hill, our guide pointed out Monsignor Eduardo Chavez walking in the distance, the official postulator for the cause of St Juan Diego’s canonisation, and co-author of the book I was reading in preparation for this pilgrimage. What an honour to meet such a passionately devoted man!

The crowning glory of this day was seeing my prayer answered to have Eucharistic Adoration in front of the tilma. God can never be outdone in generosity.

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