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Inspiration and faith, being a catechist

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A little nudge in the right direction led Anne to becoming a catechist teaching scripture to primary students. PHOTO: Freepik

Anne tells blessings of being Catholic scripture teacher

It has been three years now since I answered my call to become a Catechist. Looking back, I honestly cannot imagine that I committed to something I was so not confident to do. At that time, our family had just moved to Australia and I was a little overwhelmed with all the changes that I found myself praying to God for discernment – “what now, Lord?”

One Sunday at Mass, our parish priest announced the need for Catechists. I did not pay much attention to it as I felt it was not for me. At home, I read the parish newsletter and had another idea – I will convince my son to do altar service. I called the number to inquire about volunteering in the parish. I spoke to Sister Judith Clark, who sweetly asked, “are you also interested in becoming a Catechist?” This time, I felt a little nudging. To make the long story short, she became my mentor and inspired me in many ways. (By the way, my son also became an altar server).

Anne, a catechist at Concord. Photo: CCD

In the beginning, I was hesitant because I did not have any experience in teaching and handling a classroom full of kids. Thankfully, comprehensive training and full support was provided. Another thing that worried me was, even though I grew up in a family of practicing Catholics, I still do not know enough about my faith, so how can I teach something I am not very knowledgeable about?

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Sister Judith showed me the children’s activity books and the teacher’s manual which has all the step-by-step instructions and lesson plans. Then I started to feel motivated by the fact that I would get to contribute to our parish by sharing Jesus with the children, while also learning so much along the way.

As I now reflect on my experiences of being a Catechist, I recognise the rich blessings I have been receiving. I am rewarded with my students’ excited faces when I tell them stories about Jesus. I have made wonderful and supportive friends and continue to meet new ones when I attend trainings and faith-formation workshops. Lastly, I feel fulfilled knowing I have inspired my own family to live their faith and glorify God in everything they do.


Why I love being a catechist



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