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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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23 pilgrims on two-month Eucharistic pilgrimage will carry Jesus across the US

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One of the largest Eucharistic pilgrimages in history will take place across the continental United States from 17 May to 16 July.

For the 23 young adults leading the two-month long pilgrimage, their reason for doing it is clear:

“The Eucharist,” said Kai Wiess, a pilgrim on this long journey.

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“I think that’s very obvious but, I think it will just be such an amazing opportunity to spend every day, every minute basically over two months with Jesus in the Eucharist.”

Amayrani, another pilgrim also said that her reason for going was to spend two whole months with Jesus in the Eucharist.

Four different routes from the North, East, South and West will cover thousands of miles to bring the Eucharist through countless American towns, with the hope that it may bring necessary healing to the United States.

“Nowadays, there’s so many people struggling with so many different things and I just think the world needs his love and with his love there comes healing,” said Amayrani.

Kai is excited about the prospect of carrying Jesus throughout the country. With all the problems affecting the country and the world, he believes Jesus will “sanctify this land in ways that we may not even consider.”

Along the routes, the pilgrims will also host evening Eucharistic adorations and service projects in local communities. Each route will finish in Indianapolis for the first National Eucharistic Congress in 83 years, focused on the renewal of the church in America.

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