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Fortify your faith this Lent, with Fearless

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Fearless host and creator Chris Stefanic. Screenshot:
Fearless host and creator Chris Stefanic. Screenshot:

As we come to the midway point of our Lenten journey, it is not uncommon for us to feel the pinch of our fasting and sacrifices, along with an unsettling desire to lapse on our promises.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as we find that even Christ was tempted by the devil to break his fast after weeks in the wilderness.

By following Christ’s example, we can overcome these temptations and keep to our Lenten sacrifices, by building up fortitude through formation and scripture.

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One online resource designed with this in mind is Fearless, a free 7-episode video series by well-known EWTN personality Chris Stefanick.

The US speaker created the Lenten resource to help Catholics face their fears and understand better how to spiritually and practically overcome them.

It’s a great tool to find hope during times of darkness and grief.

Fearless won’t just strengthen your will as you make your sacrifices during Lent, but it will help you see the sufferings and temptations of this world with eyes of faith, not fear.

Each episode is enriched by candid interviews with an array of guests who bring their own learned and lived experiences to the conversation in a relatable and entertaining way.

While vice-president of Steubenville’s Franciscan University Fr Dave Pivonka shares his insights about the culture of fear through the lens of faith and scripture, former US Navy SEAL Dom Raso talks about practical ways to combat fear with fortitude, through lessons learned on the battlefield.

Exorcist Fr Chad Ripperger speaks on rejecting fear’s lies in favour of Christ’s truth, which complements Stefanick’s conversation with popular speaker Paul J. Kim who addresses the fear of getting “cancelled” in this age of social media and technology.

The personal and emotive testimony of his daughter Rosemary on her fight with multiple sclerosis, along with other powerful stories of suffering, shines light on the importance of faith in the midst of suffering and its consoling power against the fears of our mortality.

A graduate of the infamous Franciscan University of Steubenville, Stefanick’s casual approach to his conversations before a live audience gives his series an energy that carries the series through its exploration of deeper issues.

The Fearless series is produced by Real Life Catholic, a non-profit founded by Chris which operates as the headquarters for his various initiatives.

You can watch the videos for free from

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