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Simcha Fisher: I won’t ask how your Lent has gone… Just...

Whether you've taken on a heavy burden or picked something at random this Lent, don't forget the reason you've done it in the first place!

Embracing Love: The Ultimate Lenten Practice

All ‘good’ practising Catholics know that the season of Lent is a time for reflection, sacrifice, and spiritual growth. However, for secular and non-practicing Catholic families,  the traditional practice of giving something up for Lent simply isn’t appealing.

Greek Archbishop attacked during Lenten services at Tomb of the Virgin...

The Greek Orthodox Church has denounced an attack on its clergy amidst a rise in violence in the Holy Land this Lent

To defeat envy and avarice, cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Envy and avarice drive most social media, fashion, beauty, home renovation, interior design, and entertainment decisions

This Lent, is it time to do something about your addiction...

Mercy is the best antidote to anger. To practise it, think differently about who you are, who other people are, and who God is

Marriage in the wilderness

We’ve heard the story many times: following his baptism by John, Jesus spends forty days in the desert. What strikes us is the juxtaposition...

Mark Shea: So what’s the point of fasting?

Part 4 of Mark's series of reflections on Lent We now move on in our Lenten series to discuss the third of the Jewish acts...

Forgive like Jesus

At the outset of this Lenten series, I remarked on the truly cosmic dimension of what our Faith teaches about the nature of the...

Simcha Fisher: You’re supposed to fail at Lent

It's not meant to be a test of your own personal strength The dew is off the rose, now, Lent-wise. Whatever sacrifices we embraced or extra...

Mark Shea: Why are you giving alms in Lent?

  Part 3 of Mark's series on Lent Jesus is the Word made flesh, not the Word made word. When God chose to save us, he...

Paul Catalanotto: Lent: a time of renewal

The word lent means spring as in the season. In the Northern hemisphere, the Lenten season in the Church happily corresponds with the Spring season. Up North, Lent takes a flare of renewal and growth in how flowers anticipate fruit.
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Mark Shea: Lenten Almsgiving

If, as we said last time, the point of Lent is to get ready, not for a holiday of chocolate eggs, bunnies, and nice clothes we call Easter ...
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