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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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A tribute to all guardian angels

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock


First and foremost my acknowledgement and gratitude to Almighty God.

Dear God, I come to you humbly, unworthy as I am, to thank you for providing me with my lifelong spiritual companion, my dear Guardian Angel.

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A prayer to my guardian angel

And now, I come to you, my guardian angel, to thank you for being with me right from the moment of my conception, for being there when I took my first step, and for remaining with me ever since.

I thank you for guiding and guarding me along my life’s journey, for caring and sharing all my prayers, thoughts, words, actions, joys and sufferings of each and every day, and for flying to my protection when I have been confronted with real and immediate dangers and problems.

I also thank you for your perseverance and love, your protection and companionship, your guidance and assistance, your loyalty and patience, your tolerance, compassion and forgiveness for when I have failed.

And now in God’s good time, with you to guide me along the way, I await my transition from this life to the next and trust that I will be acceptable to him, despite all my faults, failures, weaknesses and sinfulness in this life.

I also pray for the privilege of seeing your most beautiful angelic face, and that our future relationship will be closer, more intimate and fulfilling than what was ever possible for me in this life.

I now come to you in gratitude, to thank you for all and everything you have ever done for me and I love you.


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