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Young Catholics join online rosary during COVID-19

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Young Catholics from across Sydney gathered for live online rosary hosted by the UNSW Catholic Society PHOTO: Screenshot by Cameron Ward

Young Catholics are harnessing their skills in live-streaming to nourish each other spiritually. The University of New South Wales Catholic Society have been hosting live daily rosary from their homes to encourage communal prayer in spite of the COVID-19 lockdown.

While this historic COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered in grinding the world to a halt, the faith of Catholics in their homes continues despite the challenges at large PHOTO: CNS

The Catholic Weekly spoke to Matthew Frijo, from the University of Notre Dame Sydney, and Curtis Cheng, from the University of New South Wales, who both participated in the online rosary in lieu of physical Mass usually present on their respective campuses.

Prayer is what unites us in this time of isolation

“Mass is the centre of our Christian life on campus,” said Curtis. “Normally it is held at 12:10pm every day so students can attend after finishing their classes at noon. But with the cancellation of Mass across the archdiocese, we decided we should still come together in prayer at the time when we normally gather for Mass.” 

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The internet, a powerful tool, is being used by tech savvy Catholics to congregate digitally from their homes during the pandemic

“For me, the online Rosary also sends a powerful message that no matter how strict physical distancing rules are, we are never spiritually distanced from each other. Prayer is what unites us in this time of isolation.”

For Matthew, the online rosary helped him and others maintain the prayer community so much more needed in this time of isolation where many can become alone and distressed without human contact.

I encourage everyone to stay socially connected

“Being able to still pray with and interact with my friends online has been a great consolation for me during this time,” said Matthew. 

“[This] has really helped me to overcome the anxieties of our current situation. I encourage everyone to stay socially connected and really take advantage of the gifts of technology God has given us in this time!”

Online rosary is hosted on the Zoom App and will be held daily by UNSW Catholics at 12:10pm during COVID-19 lockdown. To join the rosary click the link here

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