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Fr Josh Miechels: God’s love is greater than the world’s evils

These are not easy days in which to be happy. There are lots of reasons for this. But one point is extremely important: since...

Philippa Martyr: Hope’s easy when you think about it

If hope is the best cure for hanging on to the church by your fingernails, then how can you help it to grow? Start by asking God for it. Hope is one of the three theological virtues. The other two are faith and charity, or love. Asking God for one of these usually brings the other two along for the ride (think of it as a spiritual group discount).

This January try some hindsight

I’ll start the year by doing something very Roman – looking backwards. January is named after the Roman god Janus, who had two faces – one that looked forward, and one that looked backward.

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His love is strong: there is nothing to fear

We go to mass, we pray daily, we live the commandments and we go regularly to confession because we need God
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