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Jo Hayes: He may be divorced, but he’s still married

There exists, in parts of our wider church community, an almost blasé attitude to pre-annulment dating, that looks far too similar to the world’s approach to romantic relationships.

The passion, death, and resurrection of marriage

No marriage stays the same—we all go through periods of passion, death, resurrection and recreation. It’s not easy, but there are three things we can do to stay on track as our marriages transform, write Francine and Byron Pirola.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Contempt turns respect into de-spect

Contempt, the toxic cousin to criticism, has been identified as a corrosive relationship pattern among couples headed for destruction.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Vulnerability’s risky, but criticism kills

We’ve all experienced the negative impact of criticism, especially from loved ones. Sadly, it’s been present in our marriage and family far too often.

Francine and Byron Pirola: The Power of Why

Our three-year-old granddaughter has entered the ‘why’ stage. Parents everywhere know exactly what this is… the endless rounds of ‘but why?’ dialogue. Sometimes, she just...

Don’t turn a blind eye to Family and Domestic Violence

The sad truth is that in Australia, eventually most women receive the phone call, from their daughters, their sisters, mothers, aunts and friends. The call that starts something like, “Hi, it happened again and this time he really hurt me.”

How Senior Couples Make Marriage Better

In a culture that glorifies youth and sanctions the euthanising of the sick and elderly, it’s easy to lose sight of the gift of...

Paul Catalanotto: An age in need of, well, chivalry

It’s hard to say the word “chivalry” without conjuring up images of knights in shining armour. It’s an idea that many would say seems...

Three Ways to a Resilient Marriage

By Francine and Byron Pirola We’ve been hearing from many of our SmartLoving leaders around the world looking for help in supporting couples under stress....

Deep Impact Conversations

“How was your day?” It’s one of the most common questions couples ask each other and either leads to a dead-end response like, “fine”...

Dating game rules for young players

Dating can be complicated, but Catholic women can approach it creatively and with trust in God, writes Jo Hayes.

Paul Catalanotto: Loss of friendship

Are we keeping ourselves at arms' distance? A while back, I grabbed a burger with a friend who managed to convince the waitress to give...
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