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ACT Senator David Pocock “scuttles” Senate inquiry into Calvary takeover

Senator Pocock became a defender of 'territory rights' after the 2022 territory euthanasia legalisation debate, and would not back the Coalition senators' motion to hold an inquiry

Calvary legal challenge dismissed by ACT Supreme Court

Fr Tony Percy, head of the Catholic campaign to save the Hospital has asked supporters to “accept the decision” and write to their MPs

Pat Garcia: Calvary were the pioneers of palliative care

Catholic healthcare has pioneered some of the nation's most forward-looking initiatives thanks to our unique ethos and mission

Updated: Calvary Hospital vows legal challenge as Archbishop replies to PM

Calvary Health has committed to mounting a legal challenge to the ACT Government’s compulsory acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital amidst a pointed disagreement between the Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher OP, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, over the takeover.

Updated: Opposition Leader Peter Dutton slams hospital grab as an “attack...

Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said he is shocked by the “regrettable” proposal and urged the chief minister to reverse the decision.

National CEO: Calvary takeover a ‘religious vs secular argument’ on healthcare

Calvary National CEO Martin Bowles said that the ACT Government’s unilateral decision to take over the running of the Calvary Public Hospital comes amid a “difficult conversation” around religious versus secular delivery of health and aged care services

Archbishop Prowse, Catholic Health Australia ‘totally stunned and shocked’ by ACT...

“We are utterly astounded. There has been no formal contact with the Archdiocese, nor has any reason been given,” Archbishop Prowse said.

Updated: Calvary takeover ‘rammed’ through ACT legislative assembly

ACT Liberals call process 'undemocratic' after due process suspended by ACT Government, citing staff and patient welfare necessary to 'ram through' takeover in only three weeks
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