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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Faith groups relieved as Greenwich “Equality Bill” debate delayed

Parliamentary debate over the 'extreme' legislation has been delayed until March after community concerns from faith groups

Monica Doumit: Winter is coming for religious freedom in NSW

The frigid start to winter in NSW has exacerbated our cost-of-living crisis. Rental prices are skyrocketing, as are power bills and the cost of groceries. $1.60 per litre for petrol now seems like a bargain.

Protect faith based providers from “Kill Bill”: Archbishop Fisher

NSW will soon become the final Australian State to adopt 'voluntary assisted dying' after a 20-17 vote in the Upper House

Hostage to the woke brigade

According to the NSW Electoral Commission, the electorate of Sydney had the fewest number of votes cast in the most recent state election.

Last chance for NSW to be wise on euthanasia

On euthanasia and assisted suicide in NSW we have a chance to avoid a social, medical and moral disaster - and instead create something noble, compassionate and humane

As Britain says No to assisted suicide, NSW campaigners urge caution

A landmark decision in Britain's House of Lords has big ramifications for the campaign to legalise the killing of patients in NSW

Monica Doumit: Why the scramble to push a law that will...

Inquiry into death bill 'politicking'? Give me a break On Tuesday of last week, the NSW Legislative Council voted to send Alex Greenwich’s deadly bill...
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