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Spinning a Yarn

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The art of poetry is alive and thriving at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School Earlwood, where year 5 student and future writing star Sianna Durchar placed in the top 10 in the Australian and New Zealand STORYATHON short story competition.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School Earlwood, year 5 student and future writing star Sianna Durchar. PHOTO: ALphonsus Fok

Tasked with writing a story or poem exactly 100 words long, Sianna set to work writing a wonderful and descriptive work titled “Australia, the Sunburnt Land”.

Sianna and other students at Our Lady of Lourdes are encouraged to embrace their love of writing led by teachers Nichole Meehan and Daniela Chisari.

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The dedicated educators work with the students through lunch times to further their passion for writing and literature.

The STORYATHON is a free online event that is available to students in years 3 to 8 in both Australia and New Zealand and aims to encourage students to “really value writing, just as they value sports, hobbies and other popular pursuits”.

Sianna Durcher with Ms Daniela Chisari PHOTO: Alphonsus Fok

“Writing micro-stories is fun and provides students with an opportunity to celebrate writing,” according to competition organisers.

“They’re tiny narratives challenging students to tighten their language, experiment with words and focus their message. Fewer characters, fewer events, a better eye for detail!”

STORYATHON is inspired by the work of highly acclaimed high school English teacher and university lecturer Paul Grover.

To find out more or to enter, click here.

Australia, The Sunburnt Land.
By Sianna Durchar

Australia, the sunburnt land,
Where beachers aren’t bland, and you can play in the sand.

Our nation, the stolen generation,
The First Fleet, that caused migration.

The fauna, that consists of Koalas, Kangaroos
The First Fleet that brought Cocks! And Moos!

The flora, that consists of Bottlebrush and Gum trees,
Or the seaside breeze.

The harbour bridge, a smidge after sunset,
With people walking pets, flying over are jets.

The southern star, high in the sky,
Watching the flight of a magpie.

The Great Barrier Reef, if you get to swim in it,
You’ll feel a sense of relief.


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