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Smoke on the water at SCS dragon boat camp

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Two action-packed days during which students dived head-first into the world of dragon boat racing. Photo: SCS
Two action-packed days during which students dived head-first into the world of dragon boat racing. Photo: SCS

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) was thrilled to introduce an exhilarating dragon boating holiday camp, that took place during the first week of the school holidays, in partnership with Dragon Boating NSW and Eastern Suburbs Dragon Boat Club in the picturesque locale of Rose Bay.

This inaugural opportunity immersed students in the world of dragon boat racing, igniting their passion for this thrilling water sport.

The decision to venture into dragon boat racing stems from SCS’s commitment to fostering a well-rounded sporting experience for its students.

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With a rich history of excellence in sports, SCS believes that its students possess the skills and potential to excel in dragon boating, much like in traditional water sports.

The camp not only introduced students to the sport but also paved the way for them to participate in it on an ongoing basis.

The goal is to create a pathway for students to represent their school and, potentially, the state and nation in dragon boat racing, nurturing their athletic talents to the fullest.

To be eligible for this exciting opportunity, students had to be enrolled in Sydney Catholic Schools or affiliated congregational schools associated with the SCS Sport program.

The camp is open to students ranging from grade 6 to grade 11, there were over 30 students present for the camp.

The venue for this dragon boat extravaganza is none other than the Easts Dragon Boat Club, situated in the stunning Rose Bay.

The program spans two action-packed days, during which students dived headfirst into the world of dragon boat racing.

The camp’s itinerary included mastering basic paddling techniques, Land-based stretches to prepare for the upcoming challenges, team events and mini olympic regatta races and the history behind dragon boat racing.

The Dragon Boating Camp was an unforgettable experience for students, providing a unique opportunity to develop their physical and teamwork skills.

SCS hopes that this initiative will spark a lasting love for dragon boat racing among its students, encouraging them to pursue further representation at both the club and school levels.

This groundbreaking initiative underscores SCS commitment to nurturing the holistic development of its students, empowering them to explore new horizons and unlock their athletic potential.

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