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Monday, May 20, 2024
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From Bosco Connect and Antioch youth groups to WYD

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Laura McMahon with older brother Liam, who will also be attending WYD16.
Laura McMahon with older brother Liam, who will also be attending WYD16.

I am attending World Youth Day and I am so excited! I am going to WYD because I have heard a lot of people say it is one of the best experiences of their life, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to connect more with God and strengthen my relationship with him.

In my parish, I have attended many Salesian youth camps and I was a part of a youth group called Connect, which was amazing. I am now part of a youth group called Antioch filled with the most amazing people I know and when I am with this group, I can really feel the presence of God.

In order to get to WYD I had to get a job at the local fish and chip store. Even though it is hard balancing work and my studies, I know that when I get paid each week it is all worth it as it’s going towards my WYD pilgrimage.

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I am part of the Holy Land pilgrimage and I can’t believe that I will be literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus and going to places like the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Beatitudes. I am most looking forward to going to the Holy Land, eating new and exciting food, seeing Pope Francis and flying overseas for the first time.

I really hope I get a sense of renewal in my faith, a new perspective with my relationship with God as well as build new relationships with people all around the world.

One of the main reasons I am going to WYD is because of my faith.

My faith is an important part of my life, I go to Church nearly every Sunday and I always try to feel the presence of God with me. I hope by going to WYD, I feel this presence of God even more strongly in my life.

Bosco College and parish have helped shaped my faith formation through formation days, educating me about my faith and also making Mass special for me.

I can honestly say that the one thing that will challenge me most during WYD is adapting to the different cultures and lifestyles, which I am unfamiliar with, however I know, it will be such an amazing experience for me.

Laura’s older brother Liam will also be attending WYD16.

Visit to view the live stream of the main events of WYD 2016 from 27-31 July, or visit the live chat portal to join the global conversation.

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