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Friday, July 26, 2024
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Cricket’s future stars shine bright at talent camp

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Thirty students from Years 4-8 were given one-of-a-kind training. Photo: Madelyn Carmichael/Sydney Catholic Schools
Thirty students from Years 4-8 were given one-of-a-kind training. Photo: Madelyn Carmichael/Sydney Catholic Schools

By Bethany Alvaro

The new generation’s Shane Warne is rising to success quicker than you might think. The next Don Bradman is just around the corner.

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) and Cricket NSW have continued their long-standing partnership by renewing activity camps for young cricketers to perfect their expertise in an attempt to identify promising cricketing talent among students.

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The camp demonstrates the dedication of both organisations’ mission to empower young players and foster their skills in the game.

Thirty students from Years 4-8 were given one-of-a-kind training and advice from seasoned NSW cricket coaches at the home of NSW cricket.

The renowned training facility, Cricket Central, was opened in 2022 for the Men’s and Women’s NSW Cricket teams, as well as the Sixers and Thunder BBL and WBBL teams, giving students an incomparable atmosphere to train in.

With a major focus on talent identification, the two-day camp enabled the best young cricket players to enhance their prowess and grow closer to professional success through the provision of expert training, tailored programs and opportunities for individual and team growth.

Year 6 student from St Christophers Panania, Lachlan M, reflected on his experience with gratitude for the skills developed that he gained and has used in matches.

“I enjoyed coming to the SCS Cricket camps because the feedback the elite coaches give me on my bowling, batting and fielding I take on into rep and club cricket,” he told The Catholic Weekly.

“I’ve been to five camps and it would be an absolute pleasure to come to more of them.”

The day-to-day activities spanned from team skill development to specialised individual approaches, all with the aim of providing students with the best opportunity for success.

In order to ensure young players can be successful in a team setting, focuses were set on sportsmanship, communication, and fair play.

This was achieved through measures such as group training exercises and collective match viewings.

Through providing students with specific training exercises, focusing on strategic thinking, time management awareness, and coordination, individual skill development was achieved in students’ primary field of excellence, whether it be in bowling, batting, or fielding.

Fellow Year 6 student from St Christophers Panania, Cameron S, encapsulates the spirit of the event by explaining that the camp has a variety of benefits, such as making friends, learning new skills, and using new and professional equipment.

“I like coming to these SCS camps because the activities are fun and help me improve,” he said.

Students gained an appreciation for more than just the physical skills being taught. Elements of emotional intelligence were scattered throughout the camp in order to foster an environment of positivity, camaraderie, and resilience.

Students were taught to learn and improve their perspective on success and failure, overcoming challenges, and forming healthy friendships on and off the field.

The holistic approach SCS and Cricket NSW is bringing to cricket, through developing teamwork and individualism, emotional and physical strength, is generating a new wave of cricketers that have the potential for greatness.

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