June 25, 2018

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Pope Francis attends an ecumenical prayer service at the Lutheran cathedral in Lund, Sweden, 31 October. PHOTO: CNS

Bishop Peter Elliott: Martin Luther’s impact on how our world was made, Part 3

Luther was always a professor, a committed and skilled teacher. Although catechisms in various forms can be traced back to the early Christian centuries, he is regarded as a pioneer of catechetics because of the systematic catechisms he wrote. While Lutheran doctrine is set out in these books, the emphasis is more on how people […]

Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon, Pomeranus and Crucicer around a table, translating the Bible.

Bishop Peter Elliott: Was Martin Luther the Nordic Noir of the Church?

At Melbourne University I tried to understand Luther’s theology and its philosophical basis, Nominalism (today revamped as “post-modernism”). I focused on his understanding of nature and grace, that is, how our fallen human nature relates to God’s free gift of grace in Christ. I noted his sharp separation between fallen nature and supernatural grace. This […]


Bishop Peter Elliott: The life and times of Martin Luther, Part 1

In my final year at school, 1961, I was introduced to Martin Luther by Mr Thwaites, our enthusiastic Modern History master, who brought out the extraordinary influence of this Christian leader. Seven years later, even after conversion to Catholicism, my interest in him continued and has never faded. One factor is the Lutheran side of […]

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St Thomas and marriage: beyond the Augustinian impasse

During the 13th century golden age of scholasticism, the number of the sacraments was settled at seven, the septenarium, and marriage was listed among them, albeit last. In 1208, 20 years before St Thomas Aquinas was born, Pope Innocent III had included marriage among the seven sacraments in the profession of faith required of converted Spanish […]