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All Saints Liverpool: Celebrating our Multicultural Church

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All Saint's Liverpool students attend Mass. Photo: Supplied
All Saint’s Liverpool students attend Mass. Photo: Supplied

By Daniel McInerney

Over time, like Australia itself, so much has changed at Liverpool. I often refer to us as the centre of multicultural Australia. Our community has students and families from across the globe, and our census data highlights 78 language and dialect backgrounds. Our students see individuals and friends, not a race.

Liverpool has a proud and rich history as a centre of Catholic education, with our proud story commencing as the third Catholic school in the Colony to becoming the first systemic K-12 school in the Archdiocese of Sydney. In 2022, we are a dual campus school (K-10 at Liverpool and 11-12 at Casula) that is a vibrant community with 2100 students entering our grounds each day from the Liverpool and broader South West Sydney area.

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In addition to our spiritual home at All Saints Parish Church Liverpool, we have students and staff connected with multiple parishes across Sydney. This includes having a student and staff community that connects to Maronite, Melkite and Chaldean Eastern churches. Together, our students and families bring their Catholic identity through the gates each day, and in doing so, this enrichens our faith community.

Our family educator program provides a tangible avenue to bring families together in a social gathering that connects to our faith through prayer. One new addition to this program is our ‘coffee with saints’ mornings, which provide a social opportunity for companionship while linking to our universal Church.

Students from All Saint's Liverpool at a recent community event. Photo: Supplied
Students from All Saint’s Liverpool at a recent community event. Photo: Supplied

While ever changing, our school maintains our commitment to the Parish and founding Charisms, upholding our mission of fostering excellence in education where Gospel values are central. All Saints has always been characterised by prayer, sacramental life, and service to those most in need.

The Catholic dimension provides the blueprint for how our community functions. Without being tribal, this Catholic dimension and history also provide a unique educational setting in the Australian landscape.

As the lay principal of a Catholic school, I have the great privilege of playing a leadership role in the community to which we belong. It is an honour to follow and build upon the outstanding leadership of the Parish, Sisters of Charity and Patrician Brothers. Each has played a role in laying the foundation upon which we operate today. As our school song proclaims, ‘together we’re All Saints’

Mr Daniel McInerney is the Principal of All Saints Catholic College K–12 (Liverpool and Casula).

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