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Melto D’Moronoyo: Prayer is the lifeblood of our souls

Personal prayer is as necessary for our spiritual life as oxygen is for our bodies.

The one prayer that God will always answer

If your life is hard, ask for his will and you will free up his will in you and in the heart of someone else, says Mother Hilda Scott OSB.

Fr Jacques Philippe teaches Campion students to pray

Campion College and Sydney Catholic Youth joined forces to bring young Catholics the insights of renowned author and spiritual director Fr Jacques Philippe for Pope Francis’ 2024 Year of Prayer.

Pope Francis advises children to pray and never lie

Pope Francis took over the catechism classes 11 April at St John Vianney parish, advising children to always pray and never lie. It was one of his initiatives, part of the Year of Prayer.

Prayer shouldn’t be our best-kept secret

One of my former students converted to Islam because he found that the regularity of Muslim prayer gave him inner peace and a sense of purpose. Far too many ex-Catholics abandon the faith without ever having encountered the depths of our own prayer tradition, writes Anthony Cleary

When you pray, know that nothing will change God’s mind about...

The older I get the more I see how few people really know that God loves them. But he does, and that’s the foundation of prayer, writes Mother Hilda Scott OSB

Mother Hilda Scott OSB: Prayer starts with God, not with us

So many of us have fixed notions of prayer that we can back ourselves into a totally unhelpful corner. But God draws us out of it, says Mother Hilda Scott.

Sr Anastasia Reeves OP: Prayer is a worthwhile waste of our...

Just as a newly married couple loves to waste time together, simply being in each other’s company, so prayer can be a wonderful way to rest in God’s presence, writes Sr Anastasia Reeves OP

The power of praying with the Holy Scriptures

Seven years ago, my life was radically changed when a religious sister introduced me to Lectio Divina—”divine reading.” It’s an ancient monastic practice of prayerfully reading, and meditating on, the Sacred Scriptures.

Pope officially opens the Year of Prayer

With little fanfare, Pope Francis officially opened the Year of Prayer after Mass for the church’s celebration of Sunday of the Word of God.
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